SILVER CANYON IS ALL ABOUT QUALITY. What does that mean when it comes to coffee? It means that we buy the best beans available, never cutting corners to pick up some extra margin. It means we have cultivated long-term relationships with our suppliers, who understand very well the level of quality we want and who make sure we are happy with the coffees they deliver. It means we take extra special care to store our green beans in a humidity controlled environment so that Colorado's dry air does not affect the coffee's flavor. And it means that we consider roasting to be the ultimate expression of the coffeeman's art. Proper roasting technique is indispensable to the realization of a coffee's inherent quality, and focused, creative roasting has amazing effects. It takes years of experience and a deep intuitive knowledge of the roasting process to produce consistently great coffee. That is the company's goal and nothing less is acceptable.

After roasting, we put our emphasis on freshness. Coffee delivered to our customers is typically one to three days out of the roaster. It doesn't get any fresher than that. But we know that to get this great coffee into the consumer's cup requires an ongoing effort of equipment management, monitoring, and training. Great effort is made daily by our service department to assure that our equipment is doing the best job it can do. Our technicians are in the field constantly, tasting coffee, monitoring and adjusting grinders, brewers, espresso machines, and talking to staff and management.

Great coffee results from a chain of events involving many people. When everyone does their job well, the perfect cup can be achieved. The person responsible for brewing the coffee is the last one in the chain. This is why training is so important. That person can make or break all the efforts of everyone who came before. Silver Canyon invests time to train staff to "first do no harm" to the product. This extra effort can go a long way to producing the desired results: a great cup of coffee in the hands of our customer's customer.


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