Mission:  As our way to give back into the community, we will be offering our superior quality, mountain grown, mountain roasted, product at unbeatable prices.  Our goal is give groups of any kind an option to sell a high quality, desirable product at a mark-up that will allow them to meet, and exceed, their financial fundraising goals.

"The Java Juniors fundraising program has been one of the best fundraisers we've ever done. The product is great and it's very easy to sell because almost everyone drinks coffee. By running periodic fundraisers with Java Juniors every 2 months, we've become the coffee supplier to most of the parents in the our music booster organization and their offices!"

Lesley Gray, President, Lakewood Performing Arts Council

"Silver Canyon Coffee was a 'sells itself' fundraiser. The beautiful packaging, the wonderful aroma and taste of the coffee combined with a quick turn around on orders and a huge profit made this a wonderful fundraiser. We are ready to do it again!!"

Christy Livingston
Swim Boosters, Michigan

"Easy, easy, easy money! What a crowd pleaser, we did it before the holidays, and it went over tremendously! The coffee made it an easy sell, but the packaging also made it great for gifts!"

Melissa Blue,
Youth Director, Colorado

"We found this to be a super fundraiser, and it was as easy as it was successful! In less than 3 hours, we generated over $1000 in sales. The sample packages were great for display, the order forms were easy to use, and the wide variety of coffee choices were appealing to the buyers. We plan to do this again soon."

Rick Powers
First United Methodist


Fundraiser Order Form (pdf)

Fundraiser Agreement (pdf)

Master Order Form (pdf)

Java Juniors Coffees (pdf)

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Who is Silver Canyon?
Silver Canyon Coffee is a specialty roaster nestled on a mesa overlooking the beautiful Rocky Mountain Front Range.  Silver Canyon coffee is hand-roasted today as it was 26 years ago.  We have been serving the finest restaurants and coffee shops in the Front Range and beyond for over 26 years!  The staff at Silver Canyon puts the highest standards on all aspects of what we do.  We are here so that you succeed, and will do everything possible to ensure you accomplish and exceed your fund-raising goals.

Who benefits from this project? 
Boosters, churches, clubs, schools, sports teams, or any group that wishes to make a great profit margin on a high-quality, easy to sell product.

What do we do to get started?
It's very easy to start making money! Elect a project chair and have them contact Silver Canyon Coffee via e-mail at matt@silvercanyoncoffee.com or call toll-free to 1.866.449.2243 ext 110. Silver Canyon can send you order forms and product information sheets, or you are welcome to print them directly from here (see Documents). Send in your agreement form via fax, email or USPS to our address below then simply take orders until a mutually selected ending date. The project chair will tally the forms and place the order with Silver Canyon. The order will be freshly roasted and sent to the group via UPS or the order may be picked up at our location. Please note that orders are shipped on Fridays and payment must be received prior to shipment. We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, checks or a purchase order.   

When can we start?

Fundraising can begin as soon as the call is placed and the material is received in the mail for long-distance groups or for pick-up for area groups!  *Note: brief presentations are available by a Silver Canyon representative for local groups!

Where can I sell?
The market is endless!  You can sell to friends, family, or go door to door!  The possibilities entirely are up to you!

Why coffee?
Coffee is a product that almost everybody buys! Unlike some fundraisers, coffee is an easy sell and our vacuum-sealed packages have a shelf life that allows people to stock up! Silver Canyon is no ordinary coffee. Not only are people buying coffee, a product they love, but Silver Canyon Coffee represents unrivaled quality! When you establish a goal, just work backward to find out how many bags you need to sell! Tips on selling coffee are always available from Silver Canyon! By ordering only what you need, you will never be stuck with extra product that will compromise your maximum earnings!

I'm sold on the idea, but why Silver Canyon's Java Juniors Program?
Silver Canyon is truly one of the world's finest coffees.  Each bag of top-quality green beans is roasted and tested by years of experience and nothing but the highest of standards.  Each of our 8 varieties of 12oz packages of coffee available is not only the best coffee around but is also labeled with an amazing, attractive artwork label; click the link above to check them out!

5601 North Broadway, Boulder, CO


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