AS I SEE IT, if a man can turn something he loves to do into a thriving business that supports his family, he is truly fortunate. Coffee had intrigued me for some 15 years before my decision to pursue it professionally. With little more than my own personal enthusiasm, I began by talking to anyone who would listen about the luminescent qualities of great coffee. To my delight, many did listen (and sample) and I was able to found a company, Silver Canyon Coffee.

The recognition of my coffee by culinary professionals was almost immediate. Soon, however, I learned that the coffee business was not just about coffee, but that service and relationships were equally important. Over the years, my consistent focus has been on quality and integrity in all facets of business. The fine reputation that Silver Canyon enjoys in our community is a reflection of these values. I am proud to say that many of the fine restaurants, historic hotels, and specialty retailers that came on board in our early years are still Silver Canyon customers today.

It is now more than three decades later and much has changed. The kids have grown and so has the company. My values, however, have not changed. Silver Canyon will always stand for quality, in the true meaning of the word. I still love the coffee, just as I did so long ago when I first discovered it. And I still appreciate the support of our customers as much as I did when I landed my first account in 1985.


Gene Kay, Founder/Roastmaster