Honduras Santa Elana Catracha Octavio Lopez Microlot

Honduras Santa Elana Catracha Octavio Lopez Microlot

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Superbly clean, crisp, caramel, lime, melon fruit. 

We buy this coffee directly from Octavio Lopez and his family. Octavio is part of the Catracha Coffee Project, which we have supported since visiting in January, 2016. This year, we had premarket access to this coffee and purchased 1500 lbs from his farm, which was the entire exportable crop. With the quality premiums from our purchase in 2016, Octavio invested in new equipment, especially solar dryers for his green coffee, which will afford him more control of the drying process and allow him to produce even better coffee. 

We roast this coffee each week on Thursday, and we will ship any order including this selection in one box. 

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