Coffees of the World

Brazil Add to Cart

Mild, nutty flavor, silky smooth and very pleasant


Costa Rica Add to Cart

A pleasant, mild coffee with a delicate sweet flavor and fragrance


Estate Java Add to Cart

Rich deep coffee, heavy body yet silky smooth


Guatemala Add to Cart

Rich, smoky flavor yet elegant and refined with a creamy full body


Organic Bali Blue Moon Add to Cart

Rich, heavy body, earthy and herbal


Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Add to Cart

Special Preparation Natural process, very sweet and clean. Notes of chocolate and berry fruit with a crisp finish.


Organic Honduras Dark Roast Add to Cart

Heavy, rich, dark chocolate.


Organic Honduras Medium Roast Add to Cart

Smooth, roasted nuts, hints of caramel.


Roaster's Choice Add to Cart

Three different reserve coffees hand picked by our head roaster


Sumatra Add to Cart

Exotic, spicy and earthy with a heavy body


Coffees of the World
  East Africa
  Far East
  Central & South America
Silver Canyon Blends
Traditional Dark Roasts
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