Holiday Four Package Sampler 2018

Holiday Four Package Sampler 2018


The coffees in our Sampler will be roasted and shipped on Wednesday, December 12th. Any order for the sampler that includes other selections will ship in one package on the 13th.

Holiday Four Package Sampler – One 12oz package each of the following:

Colombia Best of Nariño - Wilson Lopez Single Farm Microlot
Light roast. Tastes like milk chocolate and caramel. Very sweet, medium body and crisp,balanced acidity.

Costa Rica La Esperanza de Tarrazu - Familia Monge Black Honey Process Microlot Light/medium roast. Tastes like chocolate, ripe berry fruits with hints of fresh figs. Crisp, floral aroma and sweet, syrupy body.

Honduras Catracha Project - Octavio Lopez Single Farm Microlot
Medium roast. Tastes like caramel, chocolate, roasted nuts, exotic spice and hints of melon fruit. Luscious, silky medium body.

Yemen Mocca Haimi – Pearl of Tehama
Medium/dark roast. Tastes like heavy dark cocoa and exotic spice. Very heavy body, rich and complex, lingering flavor.

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