Following is an overview of our approach to business and building both coffee programs and relationships with our customers. We've been servicing coffee shops from small to very high volume for many years. We offer a complete package with the perfect option for any size shop.


The scope of the coffee programs we build for cafes and coffee houses covers every detail. From our selection of extraordinary green coffee, we can provide distinctive single origin coffees or rich, complex blends for any menu. From the delicate, crisp and fruity coffees of Ethiopia to the rich, heavy, chocolate forward coffees of Indonesia we draw on our interest in different origins and our knowledge in building menus to create an immersive experience around the spectrum of flavors available in unique, high quality coffees. 


Coffee shop equipment should be designed to produce and preserve the highest quality coffee possible. Silver Canyon works directly with the finest manufacturers to meet the volume needs of any operation. We provide drip coffee equipment, including batch brewers, grinders, carafes/serving vessels, scales, training, and ongoing maintenance. 


A coffee shop's brewing equipment is vital to its success and is given high priority at Silver Canyon. We are always available to assist if a problem arises, and are on call 24/7 for emergencies. In additional to our on-call service, our experienced, professional service technicians schedule regular, preventative maintenance checks on all equipment. 


Silver Canyon provides in-depth training. Your staff should be knowledgeable about the world of coffee and its tremendous variety, as well as the quality control issues relating to storage, grinding, and brewing. This service is comprehensive for new customers and provided on an ongoing basis by our technical crew, customer service and roasting team.