We've been servicing quality focused restaurants and hotels since 1985. We understand the needs and requirements of a well run, efficient, high quality coffee service. Silver Canyon offers a complete program that will meet your needs, whatever they may be.


The flavor profiles of certain coffees augment certain foods and environments, and for this reason Silver Canyon customizes the coffee to the client. We are dedicated to finding the balance between mellow and bright, smooth and spicy, that best fits your operation.


Our equipment packages are designed to meet peak demand, yet be efficient and economical under all conditions. We design systems that are optimal for your operation.


Silver Canyon has a proactive service policy. Technicians are in the field constantly--tasting coffee, monitoring and adjusting grinders, brewers, and espresso machines, and talking to staff and management. In case of emergencies, we are on-call 24 hours / day.


Training is an indespensible part of quality control. We are always available for staff training, either on site or at our facility in North Boulder.