We consider roasting to be the ultimate expression of our craft. Proper roasting technique is indispensable to the realization of a coffee's inherent quality, and focused, creative roasting has amazing effects. It takes years of experience and a deep intuitive knowledge of the roasting process to produce consistently great coffee. That is our company’s goal and nothing less is acceptable.

Access to the best raw product in the world is critical, and we cultivate long-term relationships with our suppliers, both farmers and importers, and through these sometimes decades-old friendships, we always purchase the finest green coffee available. But sourcing extraordinary green coffee is just the beginning.

Facing a unique environmental challenge at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, we take extra special care to store our green beans in a humidity controlled environment so that Colorado's dry air does not affect the coffee's flavor. We consistently monitor the temperature and moisture content of the green coffee, which allows us to make small but highly influential adjustments in our roasting technique each day. We also track ambient temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, all of which affect the roasting process. These variables are out of our control but we can monitor and adjust our process to accomadate Colorado’s rapidy changing weather.

After roasting, we put our emphasis on freshness. Coffee delivered to our customers is one to three days out of the roaster. It doesn't get any fresher than that. But we know that to get this great coffee into the consumer's cup requires an ongoing effort of training, equipment management, and customer service. Great effort is made daily by our service department to assure that our equipment is doing the best job it can do. Our technicians are in the field constantly, tasting coffee, monitoring and adjusting grinders, brewers, espresso machines, and talking to staff and management.