When our phone rings, we answer the call.

Our approach to business is decidedly old world. We build long term relationships with our customers, and that is the basis of our success. We have a service first mentality, and we work hard to maximize the value we provide to our customers. This is a brief overview of the services we provide for our customers, and we invite you contact us for more details. 

Training: there's a lot to learn about specialty coffee, but we've got it all covered. We provide full training in our space or yours, for individuals or full staff presentations. For espresso, we offer a full program covering all the critical variables to master in order to prepare consistently excellent espresso. Our in depth espresso training includes calibration of the espresso bar, grinding, dosing/distribution, extraction using precise ratios and milk texturing and presentation of drinks. For coffee service we'll teach you about the coffee producing world, processing methods, flavor profiles, grinding and brewing from Aeropress to French Press. We'll gladly demonstrate our roasting process, because it's what we love and it will help you and your staff connect to your customers through the coffee. Our training is both upfront with new customers and ongoing, as we're constantly striving to present the best coffee possible. 

Coffee programs: menu development, coffee selection through cuppings/tastings, consultation on all aspects of the specialty coffee world, training on any method of coffee preparation to the highest standards of quality. 

Drip coffee/batch brew: Silver Canyon provides or sells equipment including all brewers, grinders, carafes, airpots or shuttles and other items to run a fully functioning coffee bar. 

Espresso machines: Silver Canyon sells commercial machines from compact, single group machines for efficient use in kitchens to showcase machines designed to be the centerpiece of a coffee bar. We match espresso machines with the perfect grinder or grinders for the presentation. 

Equipment service: Silver Canyon maintains a full service, professional equipment shop where we test, repair, calibrate or otherwise work on many of the leading commercial coffee equipment brands. We provide lifetime preventative maintenance to our customers free of charge. We repair and maintain all installed equipment that we own free of charge. If we bill for service, our rates are the best in the area and we do not charge for travel time. 

Emergency service: our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with professional, responsive service in the case of emergencies. Our response times are often within minutes but always less than two hours.